Sunday, April 7, 2013

how to wear leggings, please!

I see SO many girls walking around in leggings who seem to think that leggings are pants. They're not. When you go shopping there's a reason you don't find them in the pants section but usually in the section for nylons or accessories. 'Cause that's what they are.

Please don't wear them with short T's or anything that doesn't cover at least your butt and your crotch. If you do, the leggings will define this area and you will be showing cameltoe. Plus, a lot of girls buy their leggings in the wrong size so you can actually see through them and people will know what underpants they are wearing. Unless you want to provoke attention to this region of your body, you don't wanna go there.
I once heard a girl say that IF you buy them in the right size they look like pants and you won't be able to see a difference. No they don't and yes you can. Wearing them like real pants is just not a good look. It's cute when you're still in pre-school but this stops around the of age 10.
Also you should watch what shoes you're wearing with leggings. Not all of them look nice with leggings, for example it's risky to wear sports shoes with them. You might be able to pull that off but it's a little risky, unless you're at the gym (here you could even get away with wearing a short shirt, on one condition: that you can't see through the leggings and won't reveal your granny panties).

I think that ankle boots or boots in general look cute with leggings, or high heels are hot too. Or you could wear them with cute flip flops or flats that aren't as big as sports shoes. 
As I already pointed out you should wear your leggings under whatever covers your butt like a dress, a long shirt or a cute blouse/button up. In case I wanna wear my leggings with a sweater that's too short for that, what I do is I throw on a long top underneath. This way you're able to wear pretty much everything with leggings.

I hope this was helpful for a couple of you and maybe leave me a comment on how you wear your leggings :)

PS.: I'm not telling anyone how to dress or what to wear. I really don't care if you wanna walk around wearing leggings like pants. These are just some facts, how I like to wear leggings and some tips for those who are not sure about how to wear theirs. So no need to feel attacked or take this too seriously. Thank you :)

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