Tuesday, April 16, 2013

healthy and pretty party drink: cucumber water

Instead of serving sodas and other sugared drinks, why not try a healthy and fun alternative? Cucumber water is yummy and looks nice too! Also it's really refreshing so it's perfect for a summer BBQ for example.

what you need:
  • a cucumber
  • water
  • ice cubes
what you do:
  • clean the cucumber really well, since we won't peel it
  • slice the cucumber
  • if you planned far enough ahead, leave them in the water over night to get the maximum flavor out of them
  • otherwise, here's the quick(er) method:
  • put the slices in a glass (!) pitcher, don't use a plastic one because we're gonna be using hot water
  • cover the slices with boiling water
  • let them sit for about 30 minutes
  • then fill up the pitcher with ice until it's completely full
  • stir it a little and add a little more water or ice cubes

In case you're not sure whether your guests want to try or will like this alternative, you can still serve it aside from the usual sodas. But I'm sure people will get curious and probably would like to try something else, just for a change!

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