Wednesday, May 1, 2013

nails of the week: leopard print and red

what you need:
  • base and top coat
  • a red nail polish
  • a light brown one, a darker brown one and a black one
  • a toothpick
  • some kind of underlay for the nail polish; I used a piece of packaging
what you do:
  • apply base coat
  • apply light brown nail polish to those nails you want the leopard design on and red nail polish on those you don't
  • dot dark brown nail polish randomly on the light brown nails; they don't have to be exact dots just some blotches
  • put black nail polish on the underlay; use toothpick to "pick it up" and lightly dot it around the brown blotches; create brackets and c's around them; you can also throw some small black spots in between the big brown ones
  • let dry and cover with top coat

the products I used:
Manhattan ProShine base coat
essence colour&go in 10 ready for action (I actually don't recommend this one, it's really hard to apply)
Astor Fashion Studio in 205307 (light brown)
Esprit Color Last in 304 Wallnut (dark brown)
Manhatten Quick Dry in 1010N
Astor NailArtist gloss

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