Saturday, June 29, 2013

homemade potatoe gnocchi

what you need (for about 3 people):
  • 3 big floury potatoes
  • salt
  • flour
  • a fork

what you do:
  • peel and roughly chop the potatoes
  • cook them in salty water
  • when they are done, use a fork to spread them on 2 plates; you should get really small crumbs
  • let that air and cool for about 3 minutes
  • cover with flour and kneed until it forms some kind of dough
  • half the dough on both plates
  • take one half at a time and roll it out until you get a sausage of potatoe dough
  • use the fork again to cut the sausage into smaller pieces
  • if you like you can also use the fork and press it onto those small pieces to achieve this gnocchi-like pattern
  • boil your gnocchis again for about 30 seconds; when they are swimming on top of the water, they are done
  • serve them with your favorite sauce

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