Wednesday, April 16, 2014

quick and easy partysnack: salmon crêpes

what you need: 

  • crêpes...dah! here's my all-time favourite crêpes recipe
  • cream cheese; I like to use the ones with pepper or herbs, but I can imagine that something more fancy like tomato&chilli would be really tasty too!
  • smoked salmon; in case you don't like fish, smoked ham tastes also really nice in this combination, try Serrano or Parma ham!

what you do: 
  • fry the crêpes, if you have enough time, give them a moment to cool down a little
  • spread cream cheese on them, don't hesitate to be generous ;)
  • lay out the smoked salmon on top 
  • roll up the crêpes and slice them in about 3cm thick pieces
  • you can serve these treats at a BBQ, at a nice evening with drinks and friends or as an amuse-gueule before dinner!

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