Thursday, March 28, 2013

my eye make-up remover

Since the time I started using make-up I've always removed it with products by Nivea and Balea. I purposely bought those who said that they were extra gentle or for sensitive eyes but I was never really happy with the results. They do an absolutely perfect job when it comes to removing the eye make-up but after that my eyes and skin in this area always burn, feel extremely tense and are reddened. 

I've been using the eye make-up remover by Avène for over 1.5 years now and I have to say I'm perfectly satisfied. It does a really good job getting rid of the make-up, even when it's waterproof. 
I put some of the product on a cotton pad and then lightly press it on my lid and lashes to break up the make-up. Afterwards I simply wipe it all off. I had some really cheap cotton pads for a while which didn't manage to absorb all the make-up but when you make sure you get some with a structured side that are maybe not the absolutely cheapest ones on earth, this should not be an issue!
Plus I never had to complain about any redness or tense feeling.
The only catch is the prize. The products by this band are all pretty expensive so you might think twice about buying these. For me, it's totally worth it. Otherwise I would just spend less on the make-up remover and even more on moisturizing products and what not.
For those of you with as sensitive eyes and skin as me, this product does its work and is absolutely worth its money. The rest of you may have to think about whether they really need it and whether they can afford it.

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