Sunday, March 31, 2013

DIY Samus Aran shirt

check out the video above to see what I did!

what you need:
  • a (white) shirt
  • maybe a sketch of the design
  • a board or something else to put inside the shirt to prevent the color of pushing through the fabric and leaving spots on the back
  • pegs
  • a pencil
  • a ruler
  • different colors of fabric paint: I used red, orange, yellow and green
  • paint brushes
  • an iron

what you do:
  • measure the size of the design, where you want it to start and the width of the shirt
  • sketch in these measurements to get a frame for your work
  • put whatever you chose to use for protection inside the shirt
  • smooth the shirt over the board and secure it with pegs
  • sketch out the silhouette of your design using the pencil
  • then you can start drawing 
  • this is a lot easier than it may look!
  • when you're done and the paint is dried, flip your shirt inside out, put the board inside again and iron it 5-10 minutes to seal in the paint and make it washable!

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