Saturday, April 27, 2013

DIY a little more advanced earcuff

what you need:
  • 1mm thick wire (you can usually get this in silver, gold and bronze)
  • a round-nosed pliers
  • a side cutter to cut the wire
  • a nail file
  • a ruler
  • a round pen
  • some beads or rhinestones if you want

what you do:
  • cut the wire at at least 16cm length
  • take the round-nosed pliers and bend the wire at 6cm to the left and then at 2.5cm to the right again
  • bend the end that sticks out at the right and bend around the first curve
  • take the round pen and press this formed part around it
  • bend in the "edges" so the ear cuff stays where you put it and doesn't fall off
  • bend the two left wire pieces downwards; maybe put it on to check if it fits the way you bent it
  • form a little eyelet on the shorter end; mine pointed downwards 'cause that just fits better
  • put your chosen ornamentation on the longer wire and form a little eyelet on this one two
  • if these instructions are a little hard to understand or visualize, watch the video above!

the products I used:
I got the wire, the round-nosed pliers and the beads all at my local craftstoridee.
You can also buy these thing at Michaels or on amazon for example.