Saturday, April 20, 2013

the benefits of walnuts

Today I'm gonna provide you with some facts about walnuts which are good for a lot of things...obviously :)
Walnuts are really rich in proteins and carbohydrates but also in fat (around 50%), just like all the other nuts too. They've got the highest linolenic acids content of their kind, which is good for your heart, just like the contained potassium. 
Amongst others walnuts also supply you with zinc, which is good for your liver and hair, magnesium, iron, calcium and a lot of different vitamins.
I think walnuts are a great supplement for a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle since they deliver a lot of proteins. I didn't upload any recipes yet that include walnuts but I promise that will change! :)
In the meantime I'm gonna link a couple of recipes with walnuts from another german blog I really like. Enjoy!

1. salad with oranges and walnuts
2. crunchy granola
3. homemade fruity bread

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