Saturday, July 6, 2013

DIY bleached shirt inspired by handcraft berlin I

what you need:
  • bleach
  • a small plastic bottle
  • a pair of plastic gloves
  • a black/dark shirt
  • a piece of wood/cardboard

what you do:
  • lay the shirt out flat; if you don't want the bleach to go through to the back of the shirt; put something in between for protection
  • put on your gloves and make three or four big splashes of bleach
  • you've got two options to achieve those little spots: 
  1. you can either put your thumb on the opening of the bottle and shake it a little above the shirt, so the bleach drops on your shirt        or
  2. you can dip your fingers in the bottle and flick the bleach over the shirt
  • the second option takes longer but the drops will be smaller
  • or you could use both ways like I did and create a kind of gradient
  • wash and dry your shirt
  • aaaaaand you're done!


I used the same technique for both shirts, I simply made the one splash bigger than the other one.

the products I used:
Eau de Javel (bleach) from my local drugstore; you usually get bleach in the detergent-section 

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