Wednesday, July 3, 2013

sneak peek on my upcoming DIYs

I've been filming quite a few DIY videos lately but haven't been able to finish and upload them yet. I already put the finished products on my facebook page and now I thought you shouldn't have to wait anylonger either. 
So, here you go :)

My beautiful fashion-blogger friend Dorna wearing one of my bleached black shirts.


 These all used to be simple black shirts/muscle tees on which I worked with bleach.

 Ombre blue shirt with not-really-planned stripes.
 Tie-dyed fish scales on a simple light green tank.
Another tie-dye tank, this time in monochrome.

By the way, you can always follow my work and what I'm up to on my Instagram or sent me pictures of what you did @themichelleburton :)

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