Monday, May 27, 2013

DIY girl with red balloon bag

what you need:
  • a hessian bag
  • a pencil and an eraser
  • fabric paint in black and a light red
  • slim and pointy paint brushes
  • something to put in your bag to prevent the paint of pushing through the fabric

what you do:
  • decide where you want to position the girl and where you want to position the balloon
  • mark those areas with a pencil
  • sketch the balloon and the girl first; when sketching the girl, make sure that her arm points towards the balloon 
  • fill in the sketches with fabric paint
  • tip: put a little of the paint into another, smaller container and then only pick up a little paint with the tip of the brush; this way you've got better control over what you're painting and can achieve those fine and thin lines
  • when it's all dry, flip it inside out and iron it 5-10 minutes to seal in your art; remember to put something in the bag for protection!

the products I used:
daVinci allround brushes
Javana fabric paint, but you could use any other brand you find in your area
hessian bag: ebay

PS.: Lately I've been only posting the link to my videos on my blog. I'm really sorry for that but somehow Blogger can't find my videos in youtube anymore. I don't know what went wrong or how to fix it. Maybe some of you can help me? Anyways, sorry for that, I know it's a little annoying to keep switching between the tabs but I don't know what else to do :(

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