Thursday, May 23, 2013

nails of the week: messy stripes

what you need:
  • a clear basecoat
  • a clear topcoat
  • one dark and one light color of your choice, mine are a light green color and blaaaaaack
  • a toothpick or something pointy
  • something to put on your nailpolish, like a piece of cardboard
  • nailpolish remover
  • cotton swabs

what you do:
  • apply base coat and the lighter color
  • put quite a bit of the darker color on the cardboard or palette or whatever and wait a few minutes until it gets sticky and tacky
  • put your nail next to that
  • dip the toothpick in the nail polish and drag it onto and across your nails: the strings will drop onto your nail and create this stripy effect
  • you can do this as messily as you want; I would say you can do it as neatly as you want but I think it's kinda hard to get something neat out of that
  • seal in with top coat
  • I only did this on one nail per hand because it's a bit of a nailpolish waste

When I was done, I noticed that I actually imitated the design of this shirt a little. I even mentioned in that post that it would be a cool nail design! ha! Sometimes it's nice to have a brain out of mesh!

the products I used:
Manhatten ProShine base coat
Astor Fashion Studio in 006 acid drop
Manhattan QuickDry in 1010N
Astor NailArtist gloss

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