Monday, May 6, 2013

oh, the irony!

Iron is an important component in your blood system. It makes sure that new blood gets produced and takes care of your oxygen supply. 
A lot of people actually have a deficit of iron without knowing it, especially women (thank you mother nature!). Symptoms can be tiredness, weariness or paleness.
Since I'm one of the people who have to watch their iron intake, I thought I'd list some (very) irony vegetables :)
The easiest thing is probably to remember that every green vegetable is high in iron, this includes for example zucchinis, artichokes, cucumbers, peas, broccoli, parsley, kale, spinach, fennel, mangel, dandelion or bloody dock, but also carrots or cauliflower. 
Of course, meat and fish have a reeeaaally high content but not everyone likes to eat much animal fat.
You can also complement your "diet" with nuts, which are usually high in protein and (vegetable) fat, which is a lot healthier for your body. 

But still, sometimes you have to help your body absorb all that veggie iron you're eating. In order to do that you should eat some vitamins, especially vitamin c. You find that in most of the buddys I listed above, but also in peppers, black currants and oranges. 
So maybe instead of ice cream or piece of chocolate after your lunch or dinner, peel a juicy orange?
And as a little bonus, vitamin c also helps to build up your connective tissue, so it's a great support if you wanna get rid of that annoying cellulite!

Hope this was helpful :)

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