Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2 more ways on how to turn a regular shirt into a crop top

what you need:
  • a shirt you don't mind cutting
  • scissors
  • a pencil (optional)

what you do:
  • decide whether you want to leave the sleeves or cut them off too
  • since we're cutting the shirt into a crop, I don't recommend cutting the sleeves off too low, that might look odd and there might not be a lot of fabric left between your arms and where we are going to cut
  • plus, whenever you cut shirts or any cotton fabric, keep in mind that the ends are going to roll in, so always measure an extra cm or two
  • in case you never cut a shirt into a tanktop before, I uploaded a how-to a couple of months ago; there I also show how to pull the fabric so it curls up
  • put on your shirt and decide where you want to cut the bottom part (btw, I decided to cut at the hight of my belly button, so when wearing the crop top, it would show sometimes and sometimes not :) )
  • here you got two options:
  1. You can either cut straight from one side to the other                    or
  2. You can cut and leave two 3-4cm wide strings in the middle of the shirt, cut a little higher up between them and use them to tie a knot, so you get a knotted crop top! For this option I also recommend to cut of the bottom seam of your shirt, because that might look odd on your strings.

Admittedly, I didn't cut the last one myself, but I think it shows really good how you have to cut it: from both sides towards the middle in a straight line, leaving to strings and between them cut a little higher so you have space for the knot! 

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