Saturday, August 3, 2013

make-up organizer ideas

Since I'm moving to Brussels in the foreseeable future and probably won't have as much space in my room as I do now, I've been thinking a lot about how to store my stuff in a space-saving way
For instance, I now have a slim rack where I put all my make-up, lotions, jewelry, perfumes, nailpolishes and hair utensils. They are spread over three shelves and my earrings and necklaces are all hanging around this rack. It is somewhat organized, but not everything is really visible and easily accessable
I have been meaning to buy a small make-up table but now that I'm moving I won't be able to take a table nor the rack with me. That's why I've been looking around to get some ideas on how you can store your makeup and jewelry.
I really like the Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer by Lori Greiner that you can buy on QVC. My favorite Youtube-Girl Kaley from Lets Make it Up! did sort of a review for it and I thought it would just be perfect for me. The problem is, that QVC doesn't ship to Germany and I couldn't find anyone on ebay or anywhere else who would. Plus the "German alternatives" for a make-up organizer weren't convincing at all to me.

That's why I started to look for DIYs on how to store your make-up and jewelry and actually found some pretty nice ideas on the internet.

Here's a magnetic make-up board that made. It seems to be kind of a trend right now among the blogger-community. I like that it's really space-saving since it's hanging on your wall and not taking up any space on your desk or bathroom-shelf. Plus you can see everything you have on first sight, you can categorize what you have and you can adapt it to your personal taste by switching up colors, the size and the style of the frame. I'm only a little scared that something might fall off the board and maybe break, but I guess when you use really strong magnets, that should not be an issue.

Here's another magnetic way to make sure you never use your bobby pins again. I like the simplicity and the monochrome look of it. And the magnetic band is also strong enough to hold your tweezers and nailclippers. I'm always looking for them! (Both pictures are via

This might be something for the wood-lovers beneath you. An utensils holder or letter case can be adapted to a jewelry organizer. The different sizes of the compartments make it easily possible to store different sized earring, bracelets and necklaces, ring or even nailpolishes and liptsticks. (picture via and

A more vintage-y or romantic feel give these two jewelry organizers. They look a little less "clean" but you can still see and find everything quickly and some of you might prefer the more girly look. (both pictures via

A little less space-saving but just as practical alternative can be a jewelry-tree. You can get and make them in very different sizes and styles and you can place them on your desk/table/shelf or hang it up, too. (picture via

I hope that was helpful and might facilitate your search!

Comment below and let me know how you store your cosmetics and jewelry!

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    Thank you for posting. This will be great for our family!