Thursday, October 17, 2013

What I ate Wednesday

My breakfast was just a banana today because I overslept and had to get out of the house as fast as I could :P

To balance out my lousy breakfast I made a MOUNTAIN of pasta with spinach, a little cream, tomatoes and roasted pine nuts for lunch. Awwww yum! (here's the recipe) I ate so much of it, it was enough for the entire day!

I worked out in the evening and I always need to eat something after that, so I made a green smoothie. Also, I really needed to use up the spinach I bought. Somehow, I can only find them in huge packs of 500g and what single person eats so much spinach??

I've been drinking water all day with a dash of multivatmin juice. Apart from the smoothie I only drank 2l today, which is not enough for me. Has to be better tomorrow!

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